Prepared to be Wrong : Why the Current Education System Kills Creativity

Is our current education system killing creativity?

Should the arts be emphasized in the same way or even more than literacy, math and science?

Ken Robinson turns conventional and traditional education upside down by making the point that education inhibits our children’s boundless capacity for creativity by training them to be afraid to be wrong!

Enjoy this thought provoking video.

RSS for Teachers and Students Classroom

For the classroom the Internet can be an unlimited source of information for students and teachers. This is both good news and bad news!

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and permits the user to have news, information and entertainment come to them as it is being published on the web through an RSS “feed”.

This technology  enables the reader to grab fresh information as it is published in real time from many different newspapers and blogs and display it all together in one easy to read place, using an RSS reader tool on your PC or even a new personalized Google homepage.

Here’s a quick video tutorial.

YouTube Preview Image